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Brian Shaw’s brand combines MSM and hyaluronic acid for muscle and joint recovery

Undefined Nutrition Recovery

Things have been relatively quiet in terms of developments and updates from Brian Shaw’s brand Undefined Nutrition after launching about a year and a half ago near the end of 2020. Since that debut, the brand has released two other supplements in the EAA-based amino Create, the fat burner Forge, and this week fans are being introduced to the intriguing liquid format formula Recovery.

True to its name, Brian Shaw and Undefined Nutrition’s Recovery is built to support recovery, although it’s not the amino-based product we’ve typically seen related to recovery. The supplement brings together two key ingredients with 150mg of hyaluronic acid and 1.5g of MSM in a daily two-tablespoon serving to comprehensively support and protect joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Undefined Nutrition Recovery has 48 tablespoon servings a bottle, so at that two a day, it will only last 24 days. The brand also suggests using three servings for the first 14 days, which would bring that total down to 17 days if you did two a day after that. Either way you go, you can purchase the liquid product directly from the brand’s online store at $39.99 with no flavor that we can see.