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Weider moves in on the gaming category but in tasty gummy format

Weider Ftw

European brand Weider is getting into the gaming supplement category in the coming weeks, although not in the way we’ve seen many others take on the growing space. The brand has named the product FTW — For The Win — featuring a handful of ingredients to provide the usual gaming supplement benefits of increased energy and enhanced mental focus.

The formula powering Weider’s FTW is fairly simple, bringing together a blend of B vitamins, caffeine at a moderate 40mg, and the premium and patented BrainBerry at its proven 65mg to improve focus and concentration. What makes FTW a bit different is all of those ingredients have been packaged into gummies instead of powder, pills, or a beverage.

Those ingredients and dosages mentioned are what you get in a serving of four gummies, so if you want to raise them, you’ll need to eat a fair amount. The European arm of Weider will be making FTW available in all of its usual stores across the region in the blue raspberry flavor Berry Boost, with 40 gummies in a bottle, giving you a total of ten servings.