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ZOA releases 12oz versions of five flavors of its original zero sugar energy drink

12oz Zoa Energy Drink

ZOA recently released an exclusive variety pack of its original zero sugar energy drink at Costco made up of three flavors in Wild Orange and the product’s newest flavors, White Peach and Tropical Punch. Not only was the variety pack a great introduction to the world of Costco, but the cans in the pack were also 25% smaller than the regular 16oz, with a slim and sleek 12oz packing 120mg of caffeine.

Following the launch of the 12oz zero sugar ZOA energy drink at Costco, the brand has gone ahead and released single flavor cases of that 12oz alternative, and with five flavors to choose from. You can grab the slimmer ZOA beverage in those three options from the Costco variety pack in Wild Orange, White Peach, and Tropical Punch, with the other two tastes being Super Berry and Pineapple Coconut.

With five flavors available for the 12oz variant of ZOA’s energy drink, that means there are only two you can get in the standard 16oz but not the sleeker counterpart, and they are Lemon Lime and Original. All of those zero sugar 12oz beverages are available now through ZOA’s online store at $24.99 for a case of 12, which is slightly cheaper than the 16oz sitting at $29.99 for the same amount.

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