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Growing gaming brand ADVANCEDgg gets into the hydration space

Advancedgg Hydration

Gaming supplement company ADVANCEDgg has gone down the same path we recently saw the Germany-based LevlUp take, putting together a separate product entirely dedicated to hydration. G Fuel was one of the first gaming brands we saw add a hydration formula to its lineup, which is still its only supplement outside of its original, flagship self-titled product.

ADVANCEDgg has named the newest entry in its family of supplements after its primary purpose with ADVANCEDgg Hydration, and it features a fairly typical blend of ingredients to support that goal. The product has no caffeine, sugar, or calories, a variety of vitamins, and critical electrolytes to support and improve hydration, in turn, leading to better performance.

ADVANCEDgg’s Hydration is not all that expensive at $29.99 for a full-size tub of 30 servings, which is a bit different from the brand’s energizing gaming supplements Energy and Focus at 40 half or 20 maximum servings. Not too surprising, ADVANCEDgg has launched Hydration in a few flavors with Peach Mango, Blueberry Pomegranate, and a classic Lemonade.