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American Dream founder lets her kids design a series of limited flavors for Mother’s Day

American Dream Mothers Day Flavors

In celebration of Mother’s Day, the delicious and always creative nut butter company American Dream has put together four special edition flavors of its flagship product. The brand and its founder Lea Hurley have actually taken a different route in designing its Mother’s Day flavors, as each of them has been created by one of Lea Hurley’s four children.

The American Dream Nut Butter series for Mother’s Day includes Mason’s Caramel Hot Fudge Sundae with creamy vanilla and caramel cashew butter topped with caramel and fudge sauce and waffle pieces. Next is Allie’s PB Princess with vanilla marshmallow peanut butter, sandwich cookie pieces, white chocolate chips, pastel bits, and colorful sprinkles.

The third entry in the American Dream Mother’s Day lineup is Colie’s Vanilla Crumb Cake, combining a rich vanilla cake-flavored almond butter covered with vanilla crumb and infused with cinnamon. The final entry in the limited edition collection is actually the return of last year’s Tootie Special with fruity cereal cashew butter, fruity pebbles throughout the butter, golden sandwich cookie pieces, and sweet white chocolate chips.

American Dream Nut Butter is launching all of its Mother’s Day flavors tomorrow through its online store at precisely midday Eastern Time. In the brand’s usual fashion, the products will have extra protein and come in traditional 16oz jars. The prices will likely vary with each type of nut butter but still land in American Dream’s usual range of $12.99 to $14.99 each.