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Clean Fit Cuisine peanut butter gets two actual flavors in Chocolate and Coconut

Applied Nutrition Chocolate Peanut Butter

Last year, the widely available and reliable Applied Nutrition introduced the market to its functional Fit Cuisine brand, made up of several sauces and syrups. The brand went on to add a family of concentrated flavor drops to the line and clean peanut butter, the latter of which it is adding to this week by way of two flavors that aren’t your traditional peanut butter.

Applied Nutrition’s Fit Cuisine is welcoming peanut-based butter in Chocolate and Coconut flavors, with slightly less protein and marginally more carbohydrates and fat. Those heightened macros result in a higher calorie count compared to the brand’s original Fit Cuisine peanut butter, but not by much, with 192 calories in a 30g serving versus the regular’s 190.

Both the Chocolate and Coconut flavors of the Fit Cuisine peanut butter are available now through the Applied Nutrition online store, and they cost the same as the plain smooth or crunchy peanut butter at £2.99 (3.91 USD) for a 350g jar. The brand is also celebrating Easter with 40% off orders over £30, which would bring those jars down to £1.79 (2.34 USD) a piece.