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RAZE surprises fans with another Mystery Flavor for its drink and supplements

April Fools Mystery Flavor Raze Energy Drink

RAZE has surprised fans similar to how it did at Christmas by coming out with another new flavor of its signature RAZE Energy drink, separate from its incredibly consistent limited monthly series. The only catch with the flavor is that you don’t know what it is, and by that we don’t mean the brand has given it a nickname or anything; it’s another one of RAZE’s mysteriously titled Mystery Flavors.

This time around, the Mystery Flavor RAZE Energy features a white, black, and pink color combination, compared to the black and blue of November’s Mystery Flavor and the Christmassy red, white, and green Mystery Flavor from December. The brand is giving no indication of what the product is meant to taste like, but it has been put together for the RAZE beverage, Hydration, and Energy.

You can head to the REPP Sports online store to purchase the April Mystery Flavor RAZE Energy drink, RAZE Hydration, and RAZE Energy. The beverage is $29.99 for a case of 12 cans; RAZE Hydration is $24.99 for 15 packs and $49.99 for 45, RAZE Energy is $22.50 for 15 packs and $59.99 for 45, or you can get the whole collection with 12 of everything at $49.99.

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