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RAZE Energy gets a second limited edition Mystery Flavor with Christmas colors

Christmas Mystery Flavor Raze Energy Drink

November has been an exciting month for fans of the RAZE Energy drink as not only did they get the usual monthly limited-edition flavor, but they were treated to a second just last week. Berries & Cream was the first one, followed by an intriguing option called Mystery Flavor for its early Black Friday sale, which gave no hints at what it tastes like, with the only indication being its colors.

The team at RAZE Energy has come out and surprised fans again with the launch of another Mystery Flavor RAZE Energy drink, although from what we can tell, this is not the same as the one we got last week. You can see the latest limited-edition flavor pictured above, where instead of being black, light blue, and white, the product has a more Christmassy combination of red, green, and white.

Much like that first Mystery Flavor RAZE Energy, the brand is not giving any hints or clues at what it is meant to taste like, only that it’s colored and being promoted as very Christmassy. You can purchase the latest undescribed flavor of the beverage from the REPP Sports website for the usual RAZE Energy case price at $29.99, and all of the Black Friday sale freebies are still available.