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Best Whey Total Clean expands its menu to five with Jabuticaba and Pitaya

Best Whey Total Clean Dragonfruit

Last year the Brazilian supplement company Atlhetica Nutrition expanded its family of Best Whey protein products once again with an on-the-go drink in Best Whey Total Clean. It doesn’t have the more common 20 or 25g of protein per shake with 10g, all coming from premium whey, with zero sugar, carbohydrates, and fat, and a lean calorie count of 40.

Atlhetica Nutrition launched Best Whey Total Clean in three flavors, all relatively different and intriguing with Lemon Tea with Ginger, Grape with Hibiscus, and Coconut Water with Pineapple. Almost a year on from that release, the brand has announced another two flavors in the Brazilian grapetree Jabuticaba, and the Brazilian term for Dragonfruit in Pitaya.

Both of Atlhetica Nutrition’s flavor extensions, Jabuticaba and Pitaya or Dragonfruit Best Whey Total Clean, have that same lean set of macros led by 10g of protein and a calorie count as low as you can get at 40.