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Body Science makes a balanced shake with oatmeal and plant-based protein

Body Science Vegan Diet Shake

Swedish brand Body Science, from the sports nutrition retailer MM Sports, is incredibly consistent when it comes to new releases, dropping some sort of item every couple of weeks or at least every month. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a flavor extension for an already available product or something entirely new like last month’s plant-based mass gainer, Vegan Gainer.

MM Sports and Body Science are back in the headlines to start the month of April with a fitting follow-on from Vegan Gainer in another plant-based protein supplement. Vegan Diet Shake is the latest from the brand, which combines a variety of plant protein sources and oatmeal to provide a balanced nutrition profile closer to a meal replacement than a typical protein powder.

Each serving of Body Science’s Vegan Diet Shake has 13g of protein from soy and pea isolate, 8.4g of carbohydrates from oatmeal, 1.8g of fat, and a calorie count of 109. To make it even more of a one-stop-shop meal formula, the brand has thrown in a selection of vitamins and minerals, all wrapped in an Apple Pie or Chocolate-flavored powder starting at 149 kr (15.90 USD) a tub.