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Big Whey from Bulk gets another rather uncommon flavor in Greek Yogurt

Bulk Sports Greek Yogurt Big Whey

Big Whey is the flagship protein powder from Japanese supplement company Bulk Sports, which, if you know the product, it is certainly not short on options. The brand has a menu of over ten different flavors for Big Whey, including several uncommon options such as Fresh Milk, Almond Chocolate, Peach Ice, Blueberry Milk, and Melon Ice Cream.

Bulk Sports’ latest addition to Big Whey and its whey-based protein-packed formula is another flavor we very rarely see in the supplement industry, anywhere in the world, with Greek Yogurt. We have to imagine the flavor is relatively self-explanatory, with the brand aiming to communicate the taste of greek yogurt in the form of a lean protein shake.

The macros on Bulk Sports’ Greek Yogurt Big Whey are typical for a protein powder made with whey concentrate, providing 21g of protein, 5.5g of carbohydrates, 1.2g of fat, and 121 calories. Big Whey’s newest flavor comes in only one of its four sizes, the smaller 1kg bag at ¥2,980 (23.20 USD), not the 2kg, giant 5kg, or box of single-serving sachets.