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Chaos and Pain formulates yet another fat burner for energy, focus and weight loss

Chaos And Pain Purple Rain

Chaos and Pain has been dropping all-new supplements left and right this year and for a broad range of categories, expanding the brand’s reach to familiar and entirely new spaces. It was only last week Chaos and Pain dropped its health and wellness-focused Only Series and the lean gainer The Incredible Bulk, and now we’ve got another launch from the brand in Purple Rain.

While Chaos and Pain does already have fans covered when it comes to weight loss with the likes of Cannibal Claw, Cannibal Inferno, the Olympus Series Jupiter, and the hard-hitting Red Sky, that is indeed the category it is entering once again this week. The latest creation from the long-running company is a product named Purple Rain, featuring a high-energy formula.

Chaos And Pain Purple Rain Label

Most of the ingredients in Chaos and Pain’s Purple Rain are for energy and mental focus, with a few in there to support the fat-burning side of the supplement. Powering the stimulating half of the formula is 200mg of caffeine, 30mg of synephrine, 10mg of Advantra Z, and 125mg of TeaCrine. Then for weight loss, you get 3mg of yohimbine and 40mg of Paradoxine grains of paradise.

Purple Rain is along the same lines as Chaos and Pain’s reputable fat burner Red Sky, in that it is a weight loss product packing a lot of ingredients for energy and focus. Purple Rain, however, isn’t as intense on the stimulants, with not as much caffeine, less yohimbine, lower synephrine, and even a lighter dose of Paradoxine grains of paradise.

Chaos and Pain is celebrating the launch of its Purple Rain fat burner with a sale, making the next three days the ideal time to get in and purchase the high-energy supplement. The regular price of a full-size, 30 serving bottle of Purple Rain from the brand’s online store is $44.99, although if you get in before midnight Sunday, you’ll get two for that price, dropping it to $22.50 a bottle.