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Clean Cause’s collagen-infused energy drink is back and this time it’s not limited

Clean Cause Collagen Energy Drink

A couple of months ago, fans of the beverage brand Clean Cause and energy drinks, in general, may remember the company came out with a different kind of product. Clean Cause introduced a collagen-infused energy drink featuring a reasonable 3g of collagen peptides, prebiotic fiber, and for the energy portion, you got 120mg of natural caffeine.

The only catch with that Clean Cause collagen beverage was the brand only made it available for a limited time, putting together just a light run. Fans that missed out on that initial, short-lived release will be happy to hear; the product is back and available for purchase this week, with all of the same features but three times as many flavors to choose from.

This time around, it looks like Clean Cause’s collagen energy drink is here to stay, and like that first run, every can comes with 3g of collagen, a gram of prebiotics, and 120mg of natural caffeine from green tea and green coffee bean. The nutrition is nice and low in all of the product’s flavors with only 30 calories, and those flavors are Orange Passion, Strawberry Lemon, and Blackberry Lime.

The collagen-infused Clean Cause energy drink is cheaper in its full official launch compared to the first time around, where a case of 12 cans in the Strawberry Lemon flavor cost you $39.95. In the return of the functional beverage, the brand has brought that down to $32.95 for 12 cans, and you can currently only get variety cases with four of each flavor.