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Grape Candy makes it three flavors for Stoppani’s straightforward Jym BCAAs

Grape Candy Jym Bcaas

Jim Stoppani and his brand Jym Supplement Science recently made more noise than we had seen in some time for a single product release, with the debut of his more intense pre-workout, Pre Jym X. As busy as the brand has been following that launch, especially with the supplement selling out direct within a few days, it is still hard at work and has rolled out a flavor extension for one of its other, simpler formulas.

Jym BCAAs is precisely what it sounds like, being Jym Supplement Science’s straightforward BCAA product, featuring only the three all-important amino acids, and that’s it. You get 6g of BCAAs in each serving of the supplement at the usual 2:1:1 ratio to support muscle recovery. Jym BCAAs originally arrived in two flavors, Peach Rings and Green Apple, and this week, the product has landed a third option.

Fans of Jym can now head over to its direct-to-consumer online store and get Jym BCAAs in a sweet Grape Candy flavor, still packing that 6g of BCAAs in each of its 40 servings per tub, and at a price of $29.99.