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Huel releases a clothing brand although its not your typical sports nutrition approach

Huel Wear

The functional company Huel, known for its original meal replacement supplement, which has since expanded into a whole range of meal formulas, is taking on another industry this week. Huel has entered the clothing industry with Huel Wear, although not in the way we’ve seen many other sports nutrition brands, where you get a range of fitness apparel and accessories.

Huel Wear is essentially a more mainstream collection of clothing, with items for people of all walks of life, not just active individuals, and it’s for all sizes, with pieces coming soon for kids. Huel promotes the spin-off brand and its lineup as “clothes for the conscious” as it doesn’t revolve around seasons, no animal products are involved, and it’s completely sustainable.

Huel Wear

For women, Huel Wear has leggings, joggers, shirts, hoodies, a hat, beanie, and a sports bra, with a similar selection for men. There is another item that the clothing company has for men and women, and it’s one of the things that really helps the collection stand out. Included in Huel Wear’s initial rollout are denim products with skinny-fit jeans for women and slim-fit jeans for men.

Again, the denim separates Huel Wear from your typical collection of clothing from a sports nutrition brand, and it’s all now available through Huel’s main online store. In the apparel section at, you’ll find all of the items in stock in various sizes from XS through to XL for men and women, and prices ranging from $50 for the standard tee up to $125 for the hoodies.

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