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Inno Greens latest flavor takes inspiration from a classic pastry dessert

Inno Supps Apple Turnover Inno Greens

Following the flurry of flavors for its amino supplement Natural BCAA, Inno Supps has another flavor extension to share this month, although this time it’s not for Natural BCAA. The ever-expanding brand is turning its attention to its superfood product Inno Greens, which previously had three tastes to choose from in Mango Madness, Strawberry Banana, and Paradise Punch, with the original Goji Citrus no longer listed.

Coming to Inno Supps’ Inno Greens this week is quite an interesting flavor creation inspired by the tasty pastry dessert of the same name in Apple Turnover. You still get all of the supplement’s usual key highlights, including CocOrganic Plus, premium KSM-66, and the Greens Balance blend. The new Apple Turnover Inno Greens is available alongside the product’s other three options at for $47.99.