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Inno Supps actually triples its Natural BCAA menu also releasing Watermelon Mojito

Inno Supps Watermelon Mojito Natural Bcaa

A few days ago, we posted about Inno Supps’ BCAA-based amino supplement Natural BCAA getting a much-needed second flavor. The recovery product’s original Mango Twist was joined by a sweet-sounding Candy Apple; although it turns out, it’s not alone. As exciting as the second flavor of Natural BCAA is, the brand has made this week twice as enjoyable by rolling out a third flavor of the supplement.

Also now available alongside Inno Supps’ previously only Natural BCAA flavor, Mango Twist, is another fruit-based taste with Watermelon Mojito. That flavor, of course, features all of the same ingredients and dosages as the others, including 5g of BCAAs and an additional 2g of the Amino9 EAA blend. The formula does have a few other features in 2.5g of glutamine, electrolytes, and CocOganic coconut water.

You can grab Watermelon Mojito Natural BCAA from Inno Supps’ website, and if you hurry and use the coupon “MOJITO” you’ll get an additional 20% discount, bringing the product down from its currently discounted $39.99 for a tub of 25 servings, to $32.

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