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MADMONQ adds premium BrainBerry for the third version of its chewable gaming supplement

Madmonq V3

Gaming supplement company MADMONQ from the Czech Republic, has revamped and relaunched its flagship energy and focus-supporting product self-titled MADMONQ. The brand’s signature supplement hasn’t undergone too many changes, with only a few tweaks involving the removal of one ingredient and the addition of two new ones, although one of those additions is a premium component.

MADMONQ’s fresh new formula for 2022 features every ingredient and dose from its predecessor, including the likes of 155mg of caffeine, a very light 80mg of tyrosine, a gram of ginseng, and 50mg of Specta. The changes are that the brand has removed 10mg of European blueberry from the equation and added 100mg of lemon balm and 65mg of the premium, increasingly popular, and cognition enhancer BrainBerry.

Madmonq V3 Label

The overall result of MADMONQ’s third iteration of its signature gaming product is a slight improvement on the previous version, so if you’ve enjoyed that one, you’ll most certainly enjoy the sequel. The tweaked supplement still comes in MADMONQ’s unique chewable tablet format, and it is available straight from the brand’s website at €26.95 (29.20 USD) for a full-size bottle of 28 single-tablet servings.