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Magic Spoon releases the Magic Stroon and it’s not an April Fool’s Day prank

Magic Spoon Stroon

The protein cereal company Magic Spoon has something new for fans on April Fool’s Day, and as borderline strange as it sounds, it is indeed a real product. The delicious, flavorful, and realistic cereal brand has had accessories available before, with a special edition bowl and spoon for you to eat and enjoy its top-tasting cereal with and covered in eye-catching colors and designs.

Magic Spoon’s custom spoon had an iridescent shine and color to it, which is present in its latest accessory, the Magic Stroon. As the hybrid word stroon somewhat communicates, the Magic Stroon is a well-built straw with a spoon attached to the end. The product gives you the ability to spoon-feed yourself Magic Spoon cereal; then, during or at the end, you can drink the milk from the straw.

There has only been a limited amount of Magic Spoon’s custom Magic Stroon produced, and it is currently available completely free with every order placed on the brand’s website. If you head to, you’ll also notice the creative company has rebranded itself and its protein cereal as Magic Stroon instead of Magic Spoon, really going all out to celebrate the launch.

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