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Candy-filled Monster Cookie coming to Icon’s Protein Butter later this week

Monster Cookie Icon Protein Butter

While prepared clean and nutritious meals are Icon Meals’ bread and butter, it does dabble in other areas of sports nutrition, specifically functional foods and protein snacks. The brand’s major hit protein-packed product would be its Power Popcorn or Icon Protein Popcorn, although it does have many others, including the 2021-released Icon Protein Butter.

Icon Protein Butter is Icon Meals’ high-protein nut butter, combining almond or peanut-based butter, premium whey isolate for extra protein, and delicious flavors. At the moment, the product has three flavors on its menu in Blueberry Crumble, White Chocolate, and Apple Granola, all fairly fitting options; however, this week, something different is joining the lineup.

Icon Meals’ has taken its tasty combination of nut butter and whey protein and given it a dessert-driven twist to create its Monster Cookie flavor. It is a high-protein peanut butter with colorful chocolate candy pieces sprinkled throughout the spread. Again, it’s a nice change of pace compared to the other options, bringing a richer, candy-like experience to the product.