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Morphoburn drops a few ingredients but adds Mitoburn for its 2022 edition

Morphogen Nutrition Morphoburn

Morphogen Nutrition’s major rebrand and revamp continues this week with the reveal and release of another updated supplement. This time around, it is the brand’s stimulant-free weight loss formula Morphoburn in the spotlight, and it’s not just the look that’s changed. Morphogen has made a number of notable tweaks to the formula, although the focus has remained the same, with the product still designed to help burn fat.

The latest iteration of Morphogen Nutrition’s Morphoburn no longer includes 3,3-diiodothyronine, the sweat enhancing GBB or the performance-supporting elevATP. Those key components haven’t just been removed for no reason, the brand has added something in their place, and it’s an ingredient that’s become increasingly popular, with Morphoburn now featuring premium Mitoburn at half a gram per daily serving.

Morphogen Nutrition Morphoburn Label

As mentioned, Morphogen Nutrition has maintained all of the other main ingredients in Morphoburn, including 50mg of Capsimax, 250mg of the patented and proven InnoSlim, 600mg of dandelion, and 450mg of Paradoxine branded grains of paradise. The weight loss supplement is mostly the same formula fans have come to rely on and enjoy, but again, the brand has removed a few ingredients to make way for Mitoburn.

Morphogen Nutrition’s newest version of Morphoburn, now infused with Mitoburn, is available starting this week through the brand’s official online store. The cost of the product is Morphogen’s newer consistent price of $56 for a bottle of 60 servings, with one serving to be taken twice a day, so it’ll get you through a typical month.