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Core preparing to release the most expensive version of its pre-workout Core Fury

Most Expensive Core Fury To-Date

Core Nutritionals has shared some exciting news that isn’t happening for another few months, but it is significant and something to look out for by fans of the brand as well as those that like premium supplements. The first part of the announcement is that in late September, the reputable brand is launching its line of quality products at the major supplement retailer, The Vitamin Shoppe.

Core Nutritionals hasn’t gone into too much detail about what products The Vitamin Shoppe will be picking up, whether it’s the entire catalog or a selection, either way, come September, the brand will be in Vitamin Shoppe. The second half of Core’s announcement is just as exciting, with news of a premium supplement that is currently said to arrive shortly after the Vitamin Shoppe launch.

This October, Core Nutritionals is planning to release an all-new version of its premium pre-workout Core Fury, which was last reformulated a little over two years ago in early 2020. An interesting detail about the product is that it’ll be the most expensive pre-workout the brand has made, although despite all of the challenges in the industry right now, it is said to be more than worth it.

Core Nutritionals has gone from strength to strength with each iteration of the Core Fury pre-workout it’s pumped out over the years, so, of course, we look forward to seeing how this one turns out. Confirmation of the next version of the supplement and launch at The Vitamin Shoppe are two supremely exciting pieces of news, but again, they aren’t happening for another five months.