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Muscle Nation continues to add to its mouth-watering snack with a Birthday Cake flavor

Muscle Nation Birthday Cake Custard Protein Bar

Muscle Nation’s Custard Protein Bar is one of the protein snacks we’ve wanted to try, but it’s not all that easy to get our hands on it with the way the product’s distributed. The bar is said to have a very smooth, custard-like base with a gooey center, another flavorful gooey layer along the top, and all covered in chocolate, with several flavor combinations to choose from.

The trick with Muscle Nation’s Custard Protein Bar is that since its debut, fans can only pick it up from the Australian supermarket Coles, with no access to it even through the brand’s own website. That exclusivity is still in place, and now Muscle Nation has gone ahead and dropped another flavor for the tasty-looking treat, taking its already extensive menu to a total of eight.

Joining Muscle Nation’s many other flavors of the Custard Protein Bar like Choc Fudge Brownie, White Choc Raspberry, and Cookies and Cream, is the Australian brand’s take on Birthday Cake. It features a vanilla cake base, soft vanilla custard down the middle, gooey caramel running along the top, a coat of white chocolate, and colorful rainbow sprinkles across the outside.

Like the other flavors, Muscle Nation’s all-new Birthday Cake Custard Protein Bar will be launching exclusively at the supermarket chain Coles sometime during the month of April and packing all of the product’s usual key macros including 15.6g of protein and 6.9g of carbohydrates.