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Following its mouthwatering protein cookies My Cookie Dealer starts work on protein brownies

My Cookie Dealer Protein Brownies

The delicious and calorie-dense cookie company My Cookie Dealer, known for its mouthwatering, sugar-filled cookies, recently got into the protein cookie market of sorts. It came out with flavors of its regular cookie infused with protein, resulting in a higher protein treat compared to its standard offerings but far from your typical protein cookie, with 22g of protein and 780 calories in the Chocolate Chip flavor.

The functional company that certainly knows how to make things taste good, and then some, is turning its attention to a different type of food, but instead of its usual all sugar and flavor approach, these will be high in protein, like the recent protein cookies. My Cookie Dealer is currently working on protein brownies, and while we don’t know any specifics, you can count on them tasting absolutely amazing.

The only catch we can imagine will come up will be the same as My Cookie Dealer’s protein cookies, in that the protein brownies will be high in protein but still have all of the sugar, carbohydrates, and calories from traditional brownies. If that is the case, the taste will likely make it worth the nutrition, although if you are strictly looking for a lean, protein snack in brownie format, this may not be for you.