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Nutrabio utilizing more bioavailable forms in its upcoming vitamin B6 and iron products

Nutrabio B6 And Iron

Nutrabio has one of the most extensive selections of sports nutrition supplements out there, and it covers both ends of the spectrum; complex, premium products and simple, straightforward formulas. The brand’s standalone lineup tops almost all others in North America, with several vitamins and minerals sold separately, and at the end of this week, we are getting another two single-ingredient supplements.

Nutrabio has revealed that this Friday, it is rolling out B6 and Fe. The former is a premium vitamin B6 product, 100mg of the title ingredient in each of its 60 capsules, and it’s the more bioavailable P5P vitamin B6 source. As for Fe, that is an iron supplement, and like B6, it takes the high-quality route, utilizing more bioavailable Ferrochel ferrous bisglycinate chelate providing 18mg of iron in each of its 60 capsules.

Again, Nutrabio is launching B6 and Fe at the end of the week through its online store at, and as mentioned, they both have 60 veggie capsules in every bottle, and like the brand’s other standalone products, they’ll be reasonably priced.