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NutriFitt previews its Cinna-De-Mango flavor of Carnage for Cinco De-Mayo

Nutrifitt Cinco De Mango Carnage

NutriFitt is no stranger to putting together special edition flavors for its range of well-formulated sports nutrition supplements, particularly its premium, hard-hitting pre-workout Carnage. We actually saw the brand do exactly that a few months ago for the season of giving when it came out with a limited-time, Christmas-themed Krampus Cranberry flavor of Carnage.

In roughly a couple of weeks, it’ll be time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and NutriFitt has something for the occasion, with a sleek, stylish, and eye-catching limited-edition flavor of that same pre-workout, Carnage. The name and design of the product are themed around Cinco de Mayo, with the flavor being Cinna-De-Mango, and the design can be seen in the picture above.

As far as we know, NutriFitt’s Cinna-De-Mango Carnage will have all of the pre-workout’s usual ingredients and dosages, delivering a balance of energy, focus, pumps, and performance. The brand is also giving fans plenty of time to get their hands on the flavor before Cinco de Mayo on Thursday May 5th, as it’ll be available for purchase within the first half of this week.

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