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Performax Labs to be the first to put 3D Pump in its own standalone supplement

Performax Labs 3dpump Max

The branded 3D Pump blend of citrulline, glycerol, and amla fruit is still relatively new but has been featured in several significant supplements such as Performax Labs’ top-rated HyperMax. There are, of course, a mountain of other products in the highly competitive pre-workout space that don’t have it, and for fans of the precise 3D Pump blend, you’re soon going to be able to add it to whatever supplement you like.

In roughly two weeks, Performax Labs is launching a standalone 3D Pump product, the first to feature the pump-enhancing blend of ingredients all by itself. The brand has named the supplement 3DPump Max, and it includes a full dose of 3D Pump in each serving at 6g, the same as what you get in the maximum amount of HyperMax. Performax has also thrown in AstraGin to improve absorption, also well-dosed at 50mg.

Performax Labs has decided to produce 3DPump Max in capsule format, and with that sizable 6g of 3D Pump, that does result in a few pills to swallow at eight per serving. Once again, the brand is launching 3DPump Max in about two weeks, and knowing Performax, it’ll likely have some sort of direct-to-consumer deal or discount through its website to celebrate the official release.

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