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PharmaFreak promising an improved experience in its second iteration of Vegan Freak

Pharmafreak Vegan Freak

A few years before plant-based, vegan-friendly protein powders became something everyone wanted to have in their lineups, PharmaFreak got in on the space with Vegan Freak. The supplement brings together a variety of fully transparent sources to provide the typical vegan protein amount of 20g of protein per serving, with some additional superfood ingredients thrown in the mix.

For 2022, PharmaFreak is revamping its vegan protein powder Vegan Freak, promising a new and improved take on the product, with no specific details just yet. All the brand is saying is that it will indeed be an improvement on the original, will still feature that hybrid approach with plant protein alongside other components, and is going to replace that first version of Vegan Freak.

PharmaFreak is already winding up its list of new releases for launch later this year, similar to what it did last year, where it would preview several supplements then drop them a few months or weeks later. The improved Vegan Freak is one of three upcoming products confirmed by the brand, with the other two being the fat burner Lean Freak and the Ultra Edition of Anabolic Freak.