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Germany’s Rocka brings back its energizing water pimping product Fresh Up

Rocka Nutrition Fresh Up

Rocka Nutrition came out with an interesting product in 2021 named Fresh Up, a simple but creative and intriguing supplement designed to “pimp your water”. The idea was that you put Fresh Up in your water to add flavor and a nice boost in energy thanks to a moderate 100mg of caffeine, and all with only a light nine calories per serving.

For 2022, Rocka Nutrition has brought back Fresh Up with a slightly different look and the same original concept of a powder product designed to add flavor to your water. This one has that same 100mg of caffeine for energy and just nine calories, and it comes in the two flavors the original had on its menu in Wildberry and Lemon Ice Tea.

The one difference with Rocka Nutrition’s latest iteration of Fresh Up is there is now a third flavor in Peach Ice Tea, and it’s caffeine-free. With the energy removed, Peach Ice Tea is essentially a low-calorie powder that only adds flavor. You can grab any of the new Fresh Us from the brand’s website at €12.99 (14.19 USD) for a tub of 50 servings.