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Rocka goes with the classic blend of chocolate and strawberry in its next No Whey Bar

Rocka Nutrition No Whey Bar Chocolate Strawberry

The No Whey Bar is Rocka Nutrition’s flagship protein snack, giving you anywhere from 11 to 14g of plant-based protein per bar, with a few dessert-style tastes to choose from. In a few days, right on Easter Sunday, the German brand is adding to the product’s menu with a flavor that’s quite different from any of the other options already available.

Rocka Nutrition has put together the first fruity flavor of its protein-packed No Whey Bar, although, to be fair, it is a traditional dessert combination of chocolate and sweet strawberry. Arriving this Sunday is the Chocolate Strawberry Crisp No Whey Bar, blending those classic tastes into the one snack, providing the product’s higher amount of 14g of protein.

The Chocolate Strawberry Crisp No Whey Bar will be available for purchase straight from Rocka Nutrition’s online store at €2.49 (2.72 USD) for a single bar or a slightly more cost-effective €26.99 (29.46 USD) for a box of 12.