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RYSE Fuel hits Vitamin Shoppe in its authentic Smarties and Ring Pop flavors

Ryse Fuel Energy Drink

Yesterday we posted everything you need to know about RYSE’s long-awaited RYSE Fuel energy drink, from its ingredients and dosages to its five flavors and where to get them. The product debuted through the beverage’s dedicated online store at in two of its flavors, Tiger’s Blood and Smarties, with SunnyD, Ring Pop Berry Blast, and Baja Burst, listed as out of stock.

If you head to RYSE’s separate RYSE Fuel website today, you’ll notice only one of those initial flavors is available in Tiger’s Blood, with the authentic Smarties Original collaboration now sold out. You can, however, also visit The Vitamin Shoppe’s online store, where two of RYSE Fuel’s five flavors are in stock and available, and it’s a slightly different two with Smarties and Ring Pop Berry Blast.

The Vitamin Shoppe has the RYSE Fuel energy drink for the same price as RYSE’s beverage website at $29.95 for a case of 12, which works out to $2.50 a can. For today only, you can bring the price of the product down by shopping through the retailer’s mobile app, where everything is 20% off. Simply throw in the coupon “APP20NOW”, and you’ll drop RYSE Fuel to a competitive $24 a case.