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Extasis gets its first new flavor extension in the citrusy Orange Lemon Burst

Stacker2 Europe Orange Lemon Burst Extasis

Stacker2 Europe was in the news just last week with details of another flavor for its stimulant-fueled fat burner Black Burn. The new addition took the weight loss supplement’s menu to a total of four with a classic Green Apple. This week the brand is back again, releasing another flavor extension, this time, it’s for a Stacker2 Europe product in an even more popular and immensely competitive category.

Stacker2 Europe has expanded the selection of its balanced, well-rounded pre-workout Extasis, previously only available in two tastes with Fruit Punch and Tropical Fruit. Making it three flavors for the enXtra-infused formula is the citrusy concoction Orange Lemon Burst. It is quite an important addition to Extasis, as the pre-workout has been available in the same two options since launching two years ago.

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