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Zylaria Review: Reliable knockout effect and incredibly improved deep sleep

Zylaria Review

Nighttime is one of our favorite types of supplements primarily due to all of the benefits that come from maximizing sleep, including better muscle recovery, growth, and energy. It’s not often new ingredients come into the category, although that is precisely what Zylaria is, and while we never really review ingredients by themselves, this is something that deserves it.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been running Zylaria by itself before going to bed, with various dosages ranging from half a gram all the way up to 3g. It was actually our first serving of half a gram and its impressive effectiveness that encouraged us to dive deeper into the premium branded ingredient and run it in several scenarios for a complete review.


There are three areas where Zylaria stands out for us, and keep in mind, that this is just the ingredient by itself, not in combination with anything else. The first key benefit is its ability to smoothly send you off to sleep. Every time we took the supplement, about 45 to 60 minutes later, we would quickly and gradually drift off to sleep, regardless of whether in bed or not.

Zylaria Review

Zylaria’s sleep power isn’t that traditional instant knockout; it is really a smooth drift off where you go from yawning, to feeling tired, to heavy eyes, then out. It is a very natural-feeling process that is sped up in Zylaria and comes on incredibly reliably in that 45 to 60 minutes after your nightly dose.

The other noticeable benefits of Zylaria are connected, with one being a result of the other. The quality of sleep you get on this ingredient is truly next level. It doesn’t stand out as much at lower dosages, but when you get up around 2g, your deep sleep is certainly improved. The results are, in fact, measurable on something like a Fitbit, although you’ll feel it in the morning anyway.

We didn’t have a night on Zylaria where sleep was broken, and when you wake up, that is where the run-off benefit comes in, as you’ll open your eyes alert and awake. It’s not just the feeling of refreshed and recovered; it is more of a rejuvenation with zero grogginess and a strong level of alertness that’s not the same without it.

Zylaria Review


Again, we are big fans of nighttime supplements, and all of the benefits and effects and that come with them, and we genuinely look forward to when brands start putting Zylaria to good use. We did stack the ingredient with some of our favorite sleep products, and it noticeably improved the areas highlighted above, and that is on top of what we already relied on for that specific supplement.

Zylaria is still a relatively new ingredient and is not in as many products as it should be or at least deserves to be, although, with the results we experienced firsthand, we expect this to find its way into many top-quality sleep supplements as its reputation grows and awareness spreads.

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