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1st Phorm fans now have a wholefood plant-based alternative to the Level-1 Bar

1st Phorm Vegan Power Pro Bar

1st Phorm already had a competitor in the protein bar category, with the Level-1 Bar packing the usual 20g of protein per snack and slightly higher than usual calories sitting between 260 to 270. The popular brand has now given its many fans and followers an alternative to the Level-1 Bar that is plant-based and vegan-friendly with the Vegan Power Pro Bar.

The all-new Vegan Power Pro Bar from 1st Phorm is a clean and nutritious protein product made with a simple set of ingredients, including peanut butter, dates, and pea protein, to give you that extra protein. The brand has also packed the snack with a whole food blend with the likes of broccoli, sweet potato, and apple to provide naturally occurring vitamins.

The calories you get from the Vegan Power Pro Bar are not too different from 1st Phorm’s Level-1 Bar, although the macros it takes to get to that number are relatively different. The product provides 15g of protein, 25% less than the Level-1 Bar, 19 to 23g of carbohydrates with 10 to 11g of that sugar, 17 to 20g of fat, landing the calories in a range of 270 to 280.

1st Phorm Vegan Power Pro Bar

The build of 1st Phorm’s Vegan Power Pro Bar is similar to other clean, real food, peanut butter-based protein snacks with a few bits and pieces throughout to support the individual flavors, such as chocolate chips in the Chocolate Brownie. There are three other options on the product’s menu in Peanut Butter Crunch, Apple Cinnamon, and Banana Nut Bread.

1st Phorm’s Vegan Power Pro Bar is available now through its website, and like the Level-1 Bar, you can only purchase it in boxes of two, not individual bars or single boxes of 15 bars. Two full-size boxes of the plant-based protein bar will cost you $79.99, which works out to $40 a box, and with that slightly higher 15 bars per box, that divides up into $2.66 a piece.