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Adapt promises similar effects and a new formula in its next iteration of Pre-Train

Adapt Nutrition Teases Pre Train X

Adapt Nutrition from the UK has confirmed it is coming out with a new version of its signature pre-workout, Pre-Train, a supplement that was last updated many years ago. The current Pre-Train is called Pre-Train V2, and it was released way back in 2018, featuring highlights such as 4.5g of pure citrulline to power pumps, 2g of beta-alanine for performance, and a solid 350mg of caffeine from two sources.

Looking at the sneak peek Adapt Nutrition has shared for the sequel to Pre-Train V2, it appears as though the product will be named Pre-Train X, with a giant “X” in behind the name “Pre-Train”. The brand has also said it’ll be focusing on the same core pre-workout effects in the upcoming pre-workout but with a new formula, which is probably due; as mentioned, Pre-Train V2 is about four years old.

We’ll be sure to share details on the formula when we have them and really look forward to what Adapt Nutrition has done for Pre-Train X and what changes it’s made to compete with the modern pre-workout market.