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Two tasty new flavors named for AP Regimen’s delicious protein brownie

Ap Regimen Protein Brownie Birthday Cake Blondie

PrimeBites protein brownie is AP Regimen’s incredibly enjoyable and delicious protein-packed snack, providing 16 to 17g of protein and reasonably lean numbers in all of its other areas, leading to around 200 calories. The product currently comes in four flavors, all of which are enjoyable, with our favorite being the unique and multi-taste experience, Cookies and Cream Blondie.

AP Regimen has said on a few occasions it is working on more flavors of the PrimeBites protein brownie, although we hadn’t been given any hints or clues. One of the brand’s distributors has just started listing two flavors that aren’t currently available for the product, and they both combine that Blondie twist with some familiar options in Blueberry Cobbler Blondie and Birthday Cake Blondie.

AP Regimen’s original Cookies and Cream Blondie is true to its name, blending together cookies, cream, and the signature sweetness of a blondie, and we imagine that’s what we’ll get in the apparently upcoming Blueberry Cobbler and Birthday Cake Blondie. We have no idea when either of these flavors will be released, although with their names surfacing, it must be soon.