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AP Sports Protein Brownie Review: Moist cakey consistency that’s hard to put down

Ap Sports Protein Brownie Review

A few months ago, AP Sports Regimen stepped into the competitive and ever-creative world of functional foods with something that wasn’t the traditional protein bar. The brand came out with Protein Brownie, a brownie style snack packing a good amount of protein at 17g with 5g of that from collagen, and very reasonable calories between 185 to 190 depending on the flavor.


AP Sports’ Protein Brownie is beyond what we expected, and that is from each angle we look for in a high protein snack. The product’s taste and texture are incredibly convincing and will have you believing it’s a baked treat more than a protein-packed brownie. The macros on this one are also around the balance of your typical bar at 17g of protein and as low as 185 calories.

Ap Sports Protein Brownie Review

The consistency of AP Sports’ Protein Brownie is a little softer than a traditional brownie, more cake-like, although at no point is the soft and smooth texture disappointing. The Chocolate Cookie Monster and Cookies & Cream Blondie flavors do mix things up a bit in terms of consistency, as along the top, they have large pieces of actual Oreo cookies, big enough that you can read their name.

Those pieces of cookies make some bites slightly more crunchy and crumbly than others; however, because you’re biting into an actual Oreo cookie, it only makes the experience better. When it comes to taste, the Protein Brownie from AP Sports doesn’t come close to disappointing there either, with the three flavors we had being incredibly difficult to not demolish after the first bite.

Ap Sports Protein Brownie Review

The Chocolate Fudge Protein Brownie is the closest of the lot to a traditional brownie, obviously due to the taste, as it combines that moist cakey texture with a rich brownie flavor. Chocolate Cookie Monster is similar, but with sweet cookies on top, then you have our favorite in Cookies & Cream Blondie, with a sweet vanilla batter base taste and perfectly light chocolate from the cookies.


As mentioned earlier, we’re supremely surprised by AP Sports Regimen’s Protein Brownie, as it delivers smooth consistency and addictive flavor that is almost impossible to stop eating once you start. With protein snacks like this, you usually get slightly less protein and higher calories, but again, that is not the case here; with this cakey treat having a little less than 20g of protein and under 200 calories.

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