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Apollon Lionheart Review: An reliable performance powerhouse you won’t forget

Apollon Nutrition Lionheart Review

Lionheart is Apollon Nutrition’s evolution of its original performance and endurance-focused pre-workout Kumite, although in Lionheart, it got a massive overhaul. The hardcore company turned the supplement into a powerhouse pre-workout, still with a strong focus on performance and endurance but more ingredients to support mental focus and a level of stimulants a touch lower than the majority of its competition.

Looking at the facts panel for Apollon Nutrition’s Lionheart, it is absolutely loaded, and being that it has a lot less caffeine than its other popular pre-workouts, Hooligan and Assassin, it becomes the brand’s first real moderate or mainstream stimulant level pre-workout. The supplement includes hefty highlights like 2g of PeakO2, 2g of premium NO3-T betaine nitrate, elevATP, Senactiv, and 300mg of caffeine from two sources.

Apollon Nutrition Lionheart Review


With the lower level of stimulants in Lionheart, or at least lower compared to Apollon Nutrition’s Hooligan and Assassin, it obviously doesn’t kick or hit as hard right out of the gate. You still get a nice lift in energy from the 200mg of caffeine anhydrous and 100mg of di-caffeine malate, but it’s certainly not intense. The pre-workout does have a fair amount of focus to get you zoned in and concentrating; however, it’s not the energy or focus where Lionheart truly shines.

The goal of Apollon Nutrition’s original Kumite was to power performance and endurance, help you push harder for longer, get more reps, and add more weight without over-the-top stimulation. Lionheart does that to an extent we never imagined, and while there are other ingredients in there to support additionally energy and focus, even more than Kumite, they are more of a compliment to the performance portion.

You may not feel as energized on Lionheart as you would Apollon Nutrition’s high-powered Assassin or even Hooligan, although your muscles will have the fuel and drive to knock out reps beyond your usual. There wasn’t a workout we did with Lionheart where we weren’t hitting maximum reps and weight, set after set, expecting some sort of consequential drop-off or roadblock of exhaustion.

Apollon Nutrition Lionheart Review

Apollon Nutrition’s Lionheart gives you strength and power to burn where you’ll finish a maximum set and feel drained, but in a few minutes, you’ll have the fuel and drive to get back and achieve it again or more. Again, every workout on Lionheart added an extra set to an exercise, more weight or more reps, and even after everything was done, we’d add another exercise or two purely because there was a bit left in the tank.

It’s difficult to explain how effective Apollon Nutrition’s Lionheart is, outside of the fact it reliably elevates your performance and endurance. When you familiarize yourself with that sort of experience and effect, that’s when it becomes even more fun because you can count on that extra output and effort, work that into your program, and really push your boundaries unlike any other pre-workout we’ve had.


There are plenty of performance and endurance-focused pre-workouts on the market; however, none have delivered in that area as well as Apollon Nutrition and Lionheart. It is an addictive experience feeling as strong and as powerful as you do, and a nice change of pace to most pre-workouts, as you won’t find yourself looking forward to that always enjoyable energy kick; it’s the intensity, increased capacity, and power to perform that makes this something to remember.