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Apollon Nutrition reshapes Overtime for gamers in Universal Soldier

Apollon Nutrition Overtime Universal Soldier

As promised, the hardcore company and winner of our Brand Of The Year award in 2021, Apollon Nutrition, has completely unveiled its all-new Overtime Universal Soldier in the lead up to its launch later this week. Also, as suspected, Universal Soldier is the brand’s entry into the growing gaming category, or at least its take on the space, as in typical Apollon style, it has not held back on the formula.

The gaming category is a different animal compared to other types of products that require energy and focus-boosting benefits. It is a whole new scenario next to working out or general day-to-day productivity, where you sit down and game hour after hour, requiring focus, lasting energy, concentration, and coordination. Apollon Nutrition’s Overtime Universal Soldier is designed to fit that type of situation compared to the regular Overtime, which is much more energy-driven.

Apollon Nutrition Universal Soldier Label

As you can see in the facts panel above, there are several ingredients similar to Apollon Nutrition’s original Overtime in Overtime Universal Soldier. The most obvious change is the gaming supplement doesn’t have as many intense stimulants, an ideal shift for the audience Universal Soldier is designed for. There is no eria jarensis or alpha yohimbine, and instead of around half a gram of caffeine, you get a combined 250mg from caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate.

Other key highlights in Apollon Nutrition’s Overtime Universal Soldier formula are a solid 3g of tyrosine and a gram of lion’s mane to enhance focus, 300mg of bacopa, 50mg of KannaEase, 100mg of premium CoffeeBerry, and 1.6g of the gaming-specific and study-backed NooLVL proven to support accuracy, attention, and reaction.

As expected, Apollon Nutrition has loaded ingredients and dosages into Overtime Universal Soldier, following through as only the brand knows how with that hardcore take on the alternative gaming category. Another key change from Overtime to Universal Soldier is this one is coming in flavored powder, not capsules, launching direct, this weekend in Apple and Lemonade options with 20 full servings per tub and it’ll be the same price as the regular Overtime at $59.95.