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Newest Best Whey bar packs a bit more protein in a candy bar-like build

Atlhetica Nutrition Best Whey Bar

Atlhetica Nutrition has come out with several spin-off snacks under its Best Whey brand, including Protein Peanuts, the deliciously addictive Protein Break, Protein Balls, and a couple of Protein Bars. The theme with all of those items is that they’re not overly high in protein; as mentioned, they’re classified more as snacks with nothing near that more typical 20g of protein.

At the Arnold Classic in Atlhetica Nutrition’s home country of Brazil, happening this weekend, the brand has launched its most protein-packed edible product to date in the Best Whey Protein Bar. It is named similar to previously-released on-the-go Best Whey bars, although the difference here is you get 50% more protein than any of those others, which provide 10g.

Atlhetica Nutrition’s all-new Best Whey Protein Bar gives you 15g of protein, so a little closer to that 20g, and no added sugar. The bar itself is relatively large, tipping the scales at 62g, and it has a pretty delicious-looking build. You get the usual doughy base, a gooey flavorful layer across the top, then all covered in undoubtedly tasty milk or white chocolate.

Atlhetica Nutrition has put together three flavors of its Best Whey Protein Bar, all featuring that candy bar-like build and 15g of protein, with Strawberry Cheesecake, Crunchy Chocolate, and Caramel Crunch. Once again, the brand has debuted its newest Best Whey Protein Bar at the Arnold Classic Brazil, and it should be showing up in stores and on shelves soon.