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Bowmar’s Protein Cookies sold out hours after launch but they’ll be back very soon

Bowmar Nutrition Protein Cookies

Yesterday, just as it promised, Bowmar Nutrition launched its all-new functional food in Bowmar Protein Cookies. They are packets of two soft, crumbly, flavorful cookies that are made with oat flour, collagen, and whey. The product was received extremely well by fans, so much so that the brand sold through all of its stock in well under a day, although if you missed out, we have some good news.

Bowmar Nutrition has said that despite running through all of the Bowmar Protein Cookies it had, you won’t be waiting that long before you can place another order. The product will be restocked in about two weeks, as per usual, on the brand’s website in both of its original classic cookie flavors, Salted Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle, and in boxes of six, which is 12 cookies as there are two in each.

We’ll also take this time to confirm the macros of Bowmar Protein Cookies, as when they were announced, the brand only revealed the protein. As mentioned, two cookies have a combined 15g of protein alongside 11g of fat, a high 29 to 30g of carbohydrates with 12 to 13g of that sugar, and 270 calories, so they’re not as lean as Bowmar Nutrition’s Protein Bar, but they do promise an enjoyable, crumbly cookie experience.