Bubblicious Strawberry Splash will be back for Ghost Energy in time for summer

Bubblicious Strawberry Splash Ghost Energy

Ghost made quite a bit of noise around this time last year when it revealed and then released its authentic Bubbicious Strawberry Splash flavor collaboration for its popular beverage, the Ghost Energy drink. Fans may remember, the lifestyle brand launched it in a very limited fashion, giving away just 100 cans of the product for a handful of days, exclusively through its mobile app.

It turns out the Bubbicious Strawberry Splash Ghost Energy was actually a limited-time flavor, and since that initial rollout, it has dropped out of places like The Vitamin Shoppe. The good news is, the brand is bringing back the product for the sunny summer season, giving everyone the chance to try the sweet and refreshing, strawberry-themed Bubblicious flavor once again.

We’re not exactly sure when and where the brand will be making its returning Bubbicious Strawberry Splash Ghost Energy available, only that it’ll be arriving in time for summer. There is also going to be another limited giveaway, similar to last year, where for one hour from 12 PM Central on Wednesday of next week, you’ll be able to get one free can through the Ghost app.