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OP1 Whey comes in as Chemical Warfare’s more cost-effective whey-based protein

Chemical Warrfare Op1 Whey

Chemical Warfare has a new protein powder going alongside the other two it already has available in the saturated space with OP3 Whey and ISO Strike. The supplement is named OP1 Whey, similar, of course, to OP3 Whey, although it does have a clear difference. While OP3 Whey is the brand’s blend of three whey sources and ISO Strike is a premium whey isolate, OP1 Whey relies on the one whey source in whey concentrate.

Each serving of Chemical Warfare’s OP1 Whey provides 20g of protein, slightly less than the usual 25g, all from whey concentrate, and alongside 1.2g of fat, around 6g of carbohydrates, and a moderately high 114 calories. This is essentially the brand’s more cost-effective, value-focused protein powder, as that whey concentrate-based formula is joined by a price that’s far lower than either of Chemical Warfare’s others.

Directly from the UK brand’s online store, OP1 Whey will cost you £39.99 (48.75 USD) for a 1.8kg tub, versus OP3 Whey’s £54.99 for the same 1.8kg tub, and as for ISO Strike, that’s also £39.99, but for a tub that’s half the size at 900g. Despite being a new supplement, Chemical Warfare has not held back on flavors and launched OP1 Whey with five options, including Chocolate Fudge Cake, Banoffee Pie, and Strawberry Cheesecake.