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Battle Snacks lowers the protein to 11g for its crispy new flavor of Battle Bites

Chocolate Caramel Crispy Battle Bites

Battle Snacks has launched an intriguing new flavor of its signature protein snack, the always enjoyable two-piece Battle Bites protein bar, although this isn’t a typical flavor extension. While the brand has many options on the product’s menu, they are all simply that, a different flavor with the same sort of build and textures, but that is not quite the case in the latest addition to Battle Bites.

Now available from Battle Snacks is a Chocolate Caramel Crispy Battle Bites, featuring a rich and sweet milk chocolate outer, a layer of salty caramel, and a main body packed full of crispy pieces. That is not the typical consistency for a flavor of Battle Snacks, and the nutrition profile is different as well with about half the usual protein at 11g in the two bites, 14.4g of carbohydrates, 2.6g of that sugar, 12.8g of fat, and 218 calories.

There are a few protein snacks out there that make things exciting and drastically change their builds for specific flavors, and Battle Snacks Battle Bites has become one of those in the new Chocolate Caramel Crispy but unfortunately not without loss in protein. You can order it now directly from the UK brand’s online store where it’s on sale at just £1 (1.25 USD) a bar with no bulk box option yet.