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Growing Core Culture goes after the hydration category with an electrolyte formula

Core Culture Electrolytes

Core Culture is a relatively new and growing supplement company that has a nice and colorful look and already competes in many popular categories. The brand has a plant-based protein powder, collagen in bulk powder and convenient stick packs, the nootropic Brain Box, the mushroom-powered immunity product Shroom Boom, and now, Electrolytes.

As the name says, Core Culture’s Electrolytes is a completely natural electrolyte-based supplement designed specifically to support and improve hydration and performance. It comes with a variety of vitamins and minerals, including premium Aquamin marine-sourced minerals, and it’s nutritionally friendly, having no sugar, carbohydrates, or calories.

Core Culture Electrolytes is available from the brand’s online store, and while it does have a good amount of servings, it is relatively expensive compared to other dedicated hydration products at $45. The latest from Core Culture packs 45 servings a tub, and comes in Cucumber Melon and Unflavored options, with Orange and Lemon Lime flavors on the way.