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Dragon Pharma debuts its premium beauty formula officially named FemaGlow

Dragon Pharma Femaglow

A few days ago, Dragon Pharma teased although also revealed several details about its advanced supplement for the growing beauty category, seemingly named Glow. Today the brand has launched the product, not only confirming that its official title is FemaGlow but also showing us the precise dosages in the supplement, as it had previously shown us the formula without that fraction of the label.

We’ve added the facts panel for Dragon Pharma’s premium beauty product FemaGlow below, with quality ingredients like FeraGlo keratin at half a gram per serving, 100mg of DNActive salmon milt, and 200mg of saw palmetto. Everything in the supplement is openly and transparently dosed, so you know how much of everything you get per serving, with the usual 30 servings in a full-size bottle.

Dragon Pharma Femaglow Label

As mentioned, Dragon Pharma has made FemaGlow available starting today through its online store, and it’s giving fans a couple of ways to purchase it. You can either grab a single bottle, which again, has the usual 30 servings to supply you for an entire month, or if you would prefer to stock up and grab more than one, the brand has a discounted three-bottle bundle to supply you for three months.

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