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Tyson Fury’s Furocity puts caffeine and vitamins into a tasty frozen treat

Furocity Energy Ice Pops

Champion heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury has launched a spin-off of his recently released Furocity Energy drink, although it’s not the type of product you’d expect. Over in the UK, there are now Furocity Energy Ice Pops or officially named Furocity Energy Ice Sticks. It is a frozen treat exclusively available at The Food Warehouse and the major supermarket chain Iceland.

Tyson Fury and Furocity have debuted the Furocity Energy Ice Sticks in the same four colors as the Furocity energy drink, including the green Sour Apple Punch and the blue, Black and Blue Raspberry. The product doesn’t have any protein or fat in each 80g ice stick; however, there is a fair amount of carbohydrates at 18.5g, all coming from sugar, giving it 74 calories.

The name Furocity Energy Ice Sticks obviously has energy in the name, and that is because it contains caffeine from guarana. We can’t find anywhere exactly how much you get per stick, only that there is caffeine in there, and it’s alongside added B, C, and E vitamins. Iceland is selling the Furocity Energy Ice Sticks in boxes of four at a reasonable £3 (3.75 USD).