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GCode’s full spectrum EAA Rise expands to eight flavors with Legend Lime Slushie

Gcode Legend Lime Slushie Rise

If there is one thing that GCode Nutrition does quite consistently, it is roll out flavor extensions for its wide variety of sports nutrition products, something we’ve already seen it do twice this year. In the first month of the year, the brand added a watermelon flavor to its superfood formula Life and a classic cookies and cream flavor to its Fuel protein powder; then, in March, Life got yet another option for its menu in Blueberry Boost.

GCode Nutrition is at it once again this month, launching its fourth new flavor for the year, although this time it is not for Fuel or Life. The latest from the brand is an extension to its amino supplement Rise, packed with a combined 7.5g of all nine EAAs per serving to support muscle recovery. Now available for the product, coming in as its eighth flavor is Legend Lime Slushie, and it’s already in stock on the GCode website at $44.95 a tub.

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