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Stick pack version of Ghost Hydration is on the way in authentic Sour Patch Kids flavors

Ghost Hydration Stick Packs

One of the popular formats of dedicated hydration supplements is stick packs, whether it be boxes of stick packs, bottles of stick packs, or even bags, with many sports nutrition brands taking one of those routes. The original lifestyle company Ghost obviously didn’t take that path initially when it launched its premium competitor in March with Ghost Hydration, although that is about to change.

The previous Brand Of The Year and Brand Of The Decade Winner Ghost has announced a bag of single-serving stick packs of Ghost Hydration is coming, featuring all of the same key ingredients and dosages as the bulk tub, but in convenient stick packs. To mix things up, the product will be launching in two authentic flavors, something the brand doesn’t offer for the bulk tub Ghost Hydration.

The bags of Ghost Hydration stick packs are coming in Sour Patch Kids Redberry and Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry, put together, of course, in partnership with the candy maker itself. Like most more convenient variants, the stick packs won’t be as cost-effective as the original, coming in at $30 for a bag of 24 servings versus the bulk tubs of powder at $32.99 for 40 full servings.

We’re not sure when Ghost is releasing its Ghost Hydration stick packs, but it is soon, and it is expected to roll out through the brand’s website like all of its new releases. As mentioned, you have all of the details, including how many stick packs you’ll get in each bag and the regular retail price of the product, which will come down to $24 with any of the brand’s ongoing coupons.