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Glaxon’s innovative C-TOX is here to help you cycle off caffeine

Glaxon C Tox

Glaxon has finally launched its long-awaited and innovative caffeine reduction support supplement C-TOX previewed at the end of last year. The idea behind the product is it’s designed to help get you through a caffeine detox for anyone that wants to refresh their receptors. With pre-workouts and energy drinks being so popular these days, it fits right in with the modern market.

What does it do

The way Glaxon’s C-TOX works is it helps taper your daily intake of caffeine from 300mg down to zero. It comes with various ingredients to make the process more comfortable by reducing fatigue and other side effects that come from caffeine withdrawals. The product comes with a specific program you need to follow over the course of a week with two types of pills, a red and a blue.

Protocol and formula

On the first day, you have six red pills, then five with one blue, four red with two blue, and continue that pattern until you reach the seventh day when you have six blue pills and no red. The ingredients in the red version can be seen in the facts panel above with that full six capsule serving packing 90mg of theanine, 1.5g of cordyceps, 300mg of tyrosine, 1.2g of VitaCholine, a hefty 300mg of TeaCrine, 48mg of adenine, 162mg of white willow, and 300mg of caffeine.

Glaxon C Tox Label

Glaxon’s C-TOX blue capsules have all of the same ingredients and dosages as the red minus the caffeine. Basically, as you progress through the protocol, you’re having the same dosages of everything each day, but again, the caffeine goes from 300mg down to zero. As mentioned, it’s certainly an innovative supplement, and it goes nicely alongside Glaxon’s many other unique items.

Where to buy

C-TOX is available now through Glaxon’s online store, and being a product that only lasts seven days, it’s not that expensive. A full-size box with enough red and blue pills for a one-week protocol is $24.99, although, for a limited time, the brand is slashing that in half to $12.49. You can also use our Stack3d Insider coupon to bring it down even further to just under $10 at $9.80.